Power System is Online!

I have installed and dry run tested the inverter and battery bank.  I couldn’t connect the solar panels yesterday because it was too windy and I would never be able to get back off of that roof.  The ladder was blowing over all by itself, so probably not the safest time to try.   I have to get up there and tie the solar panels in to the combiner box and wire it all in to the charge controller today, as well as insulating the batteries and fabricating the long overdue door to the shed.   We are expecting snow for the next 3 days so that only leaves me today to get it done.   Here are a couple of pictures of the dry run of the power system.

power 016

power 018

I also added some pictures to the gallery of the beautiful sunrises we get out here.  I’ll update soon with more info.

Starting to Lay adobe

I’m prepping the foundation today with concrete and mortar to create a level surface to lay the bricks.  Once that sets up I will start laying brick and post some pictures.  Here’s another picture of the foundation with the railroad ties in it.

10-15-09 032

I stapled down the tar paper and will concrete over the edges of it to help create a better seal.   It’s starting to get cold up here at nights so I’m in a hurry to get this done before it becomes too cold for the mortar to set up properly.  I will keep you posted.  It should go fairly quickly from this point.  (famous last words)

Oh, and here’s a not-too-close picture of the wild horses grazing on my land.

10-15-09 004

Shed is effectively done…

Well the shed is done, everything but the metal roof is up which I will be finishing this weekend.   The power equipment didn’t all come in on Friday like I was told it would, no big surprise.  Went to pick up the solar panels and mounting equipment so at least I could get that done this weekend while I’m up on the roof, but the business closed early.  I just can’t get a break so it looks like I’ll be running on batteries for a few more days.   Come monday though I’ll be waiting at the door for the solar place to open as I can’t wait to actually power my laptop at home without running it off the Jeep.   *sigh*   Well, if they are sufficiently apologetic, I’ll put a link to their website on here.   That’s all for today.